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Check this cool interview by the Homie YG who will be i concert in Houston this Thursday.


Burgeoning West Coast rapper YG – whose story takes root in the California gang life – detailed his involvement with the Bloods, while admitting it was his own pursuit as opposed to falling victim to it.

“Yeah, I went to the set. It wasn’t like my mom and dad were Bloods or anything,” YG told VIBE, who hinted at his conscientious decision to live a life of crime. “Actually, my momma is from a Crip neighborhood. [But] she wasn’t the type of parent that was into the gangbangin’ though.”

YG went on to credit his father for being a positive influence.

“My situation was a little different because by pops is actually from Atlanta. He wasn’t up on the gangbangin’ shit like that. He was the one trying to keep me straight. He was always the one like ‘Stay in school, play basketball and get good grades,'” explained the Young Gangsta, who followed his own path without much regard. “But I was a Bebe kid and it never worked out. I played basketball, ran track and football, but I could never play because my grades were f-cked up. I was ditching school more than I was really going.”

Following his Def Jam debut, YG’s My Krazy Life is being labeled as one of the best albums of 2014 so far. Watch as the Compton rapper is followed into Mister Cartoon’s studio as part of VIBE’s lateest digital feature, below.


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