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If you haven’t been sipping your nutrients out of a straw lately then I don’t know who you are or where you’ve been – smoothies are where it’s at in the health food world, so join in on the fun. There are over a gazillion recipe options all just one touch of your blender away, but before you start making some “smooth moves” read this and learn how to make the perfect smoothie.


Buy The Best Blender

Just like smoothies have become more and more popular, so have the kitchen gadgets that create them – blenders. Some can be several hundred dollars where as others can be as low as $29.99 on a good day at Wal-Mart. However before you purchase your next smoothie making machine understand that some are way better than others.

First off, consider how often you will be blending up your favorite treats. Many “industrial” type of blenders are stronger than the ones your mom used to whip milkshakes up in when you were young. The blades are more efficient nowadays and speed options are lightning fast. My favorite blender (and the one I use daily) is a commercially inspired, high performance blender known as the Oster® Versa®. Offered at a fraction of the cost of comparable high performance blenders, this affordable luxury is a rugged, durable, and did I mention a multitasker – I make sorbet, soups, nut butters etc. all the time. It can certainly handle all the demands of my fun and healthy life and I love how the brand promises to back things up with a 7-year limited warranty.

No More Than Four (Steps)

No rocket science needed here. To build the perfect smoothie all you need to know are four easy steps…in the order listed please. 

1) Pick your liquid. This can be anything from dairy base choices like milk, to good old Jesus juice (H20). Hey, don’t turn your lip up just yet. Water is an excellent source to keep calories low. Not into water? You can even start with a fresh juice, coconut milk (or water) etc.  

2) Find a main squeeze. Fruits are often the “headliners” of smoothies. Since they are packed with antioxidants, have mad nutrients and are super RAD in the sweet department they are almost always invited to the smoothie party. However leafy greens such as kale and spinach play nicely in a blender too. So invite them along for the fun.

3) Enrich the mess out of your smoothie. That means add things that will keep you full longer – like protein and healthy fat. Greek yogurt is a great protein option and nut butters and avocados are both excellent ways to kick things up in the healthy fat department. 

4) Add one more boost. Think protein powders, chia seeds, wheat germ and ground flaxseed (just to name a few). All of these ingredients will bulk things up and make your smoothie not only more filling but more nutrient rich as well. That’s it – easy right?

UP NEXT: What You Need To Know About Picking Ingredients

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