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ROSEY-GRIERNFL legend Rosey Grier is in the midst of a serious lawsuit. His neighbor and former manager is suing him for sexual assault. According to the woman, Grier got a little too frisky with his hands and exposed himself to her.

A woman named Jana Young is suing Rosey Grier claiming he sexually assaulted her in her home. Young alleges she allowed the 81-year-oldmember of the L.A. Rams’ “Fearsome Foursome” defense to stay in her home while his was being remodeled. It wasn’t an issue because Young was acting as his manager and they lived next door to each other. When Grier moved in with Jana Young is when she says things crossed the line.


In the lawsuit documents, Young claims Rosey Grier “purposefully exposed himself, completely nude, to Young without her consent.” As if that weren’t enough, he also allegedly asked her, “How do you like it?” After that incident, Young kicked Grier out of her house. However, that didn’t stop the come ons.

Young says she went over to Rosey’s house to get some money that was owed to her for work she had done as his manager and for fronting him money for his home remodel. When she got there and demanded her money, Young says Grier shoved his hands down her pants and groped her privates and said, “You feel like a virgin.”

The woman immediately ran home, but it’s unclear if a police report was ever filed. Rosey Grier has yet to comment on the matter.



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