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It’s one of the coolest events that a family can go to…The Children’s Festival. It was happening downtown Houston this past weekend and it seemed to be a great time for anyone that attended. I know I enjoyed the festive environment.

There was food, rides, clowns, more foods, more rides and….parents that had kids on leashes! Yes, kids on leashes. I’m still not sure how to feel about a kid on a leash.


I attempted to look away but I’d seen so many, I know I probably got caught looking a couple of times a little too long.

I was seriously trying not to be judgmental but it did put alot on my mind long after I left the festival. Would I leash MY CHILD?

Here’s the thing…if you have a kid that’s completely off the hinges, maybe he or she needs a leash. Or what about a big event like this? At the festival, there are people everywhere. Space is tight and children can easily be lost in all the commotion. So, maybe as a parent you’d say to yourself, “It’s better to be safe than sorry! There are crazy people out there you know”.

So, as I was looking at the “Leashers”(the parent that leashes their child-yes, my made up word, of course) and the “Leashees” (the baby being leashed-yes, my made up word also), I honestly didn’t know the correct answer. Would I leash my baby like a greyhound or not?

I hope I get the opportunity to answer that question one day…and hopefully I answer correctly.

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