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Gone are the innocent days of Juan-uary. A rocky season of “The Bachelor” ended last night, and although Juan Pablo Galvais had ruffled feathers all winter with offensive comments, his last moments in the hot seat may seal his fate as one of the worst Bachelors in the history of the ABC reality show. We saw it coming last week, when the cast ripped into JP during “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All,” accusing him of playing favorites and wielding offensive comments when the cameras were off. We’re hoping that the newly announced Bachelorette, Andi Dorfman, will bring the romance back to one of our favorite guilty pleasures when the new season of “The Bachelorette” kicks off in May. What happened, Juan Pablo? It was all good just a few months ago. Hasta luego, JP.

Juan Pablo was never a man of many words, but here are the quotes that still have us shocked from last night’s finale:

“I don’t know you, you don’t know me. But I love [hooking up] with you…”


Wait, what? Runner up Clare Crawley was a longtime supporter of JP, especially when she infamously strayed from her room for some extra curricular activities on the beach. She accused Juan Pablo of a sexual innuendo when cameras were off, suggesting that he was more interested in their intimate moments. But homegirl wanted her man and kept it together, until he dumped her at that precise moment she thought she would get the proposal of her dreams.

But Clare got her moment to set him straight, which then prompted another SMH…

“Thank God I got rid of her.”


Well damn. This one earned a collective gasp from the studio audience. After that cold hearted brutal dumping, you’d think the remaining contestant, Nikki Ferrell, would receive all the love and adoration Juan Pablo had been saving all season, along with the Neil Lane box burning a hole in his pocket. Or nah?

“I like you a lot.” 


A wink and a smile will get you so far, but we can bet that even Nikki was growing weary of the cheeky. We’re not saying that Juan Pablo should have proposed if he wasn’t in love, and in all honesty, we’re actually relieved for Nikki. But after a grueling process, we thought he’d be a man of a couple more words, other than…

“It’s okay.


Because you’ll never hear it the same way again. Another harmless phrase that pissed off the contestants and all of Bachelor Nation. But let’s face it, he just doesn’t have the answers. Cue Kanye caps.

No, JP. It’s not ok! Team new Bachelorette!


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