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Disruption, disorder, and turmoil are all fitting words to describe the situation surrounding side chicks.  These women  (a term I use loosely) have laser like precision getting incausing chaos and exiting. The pay off achieving notoriety, attention and undue fame. Despite the “perks” of this position, it really is a dirty job but someone’s got to do it and it ain’t gonna be me.

For some reason there seems to be a mass population of this genre of women and if you’re not careful it could happen in your household!

Let us review the profile of such a woman, *ladies, here’s where you get out your pen and pad*

1. She’s sneaky and insecure, because of this lack of self-esteem she infiltrates your home front and begins her evil ploy.

2. She knows her place but wants your place!

3. She keeps the beginning at least, and then BOOM the plot to thickens and his cover is blown.

Check out the faces of such perpertrators they may be among you!

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