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(New York, NY)  —  The Red Hot Chili Peppers are ‘fessing up to miming their performance of “Give It Away” at the Super Bowl halftime show.  Bassist Flea has written a long post on the band’s official site after photos of the group’s unplugged instruments sparked a debate about the authenticity of their performance with Bruno Mars.  Flea  explained that while the Chili Peppers don’t usually play with a pre-recorded track, it was something that the NFL asked of them due to the limited time for stage set-up in the stadium.  Flea said the group deliberated and ultimately decided they wanted to be a part of the halftime performance.  

He adds that they could have easily plugged in their instruments to “avoid bumming people out,” but felt it was “better to not pretend.”  He compares the performance to “making a music video in front of a gazillion people,” and adds that “anyone who has ever seen [them] in concert knows [they] play from [their] heart.” 


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