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Michelle Obama’s 50th birthday bash has been the center of breathless speculation over the last few days – mainly because the goings-on were kept so secret. After the big affair, some details have made their way out to the light of day (and our desktops). Among our favorite tidbits from the night’s highlights? Beyoncé performing for the First Lady.

Okay, she didn’t technically perform for just MO. Also in attendance, the leader of the free world (aka husband President Barack Obama, who did the Dougie and gave a very emotional birthday speech) and other huge names such as the Clintons, Samuel L. Jackson, Mary J. Blige, James Taylor, Jennifer Hudson, and Al Roker. Because it isn’t a party without Al Roker.


Sidenote (and perhaps this is actually the more important story here): Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s daughter Blue Ivy was spotted play with presidential pet, Sunny. Can the Internet even handle that level of celebrity, or do we expect it to break, à la Beyoncé album-drop-style? Only time will tell.


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