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Models get a bad rep, often pinned as just pretty faces without much going for them in terms of substance. One Brazilian model, however, is turning that stereotype on its head by releasing a satirical rap (yes, a rap) about false perceptions of the modeling industry.

Sao Paulo-based model Michelli Provensi, who has modeled for Giorgio Armani, Narciso Rodriguez, and others, released a music video for her Portuguese song “All the Models in the House”.

A sampling of her lyrics are as follows: ”The word on the street is I live on lettuce leaves and ice cubes,” ”That I’m glamorous and rich and my profession is so classy… Yesterday I was ugly, today I’m the flavor of the month… There’s no point being pretty and having an empty head.”

The song was written to promote her book, Need to Go Around the World : Surreal Adventures of a Real Model, which debunks the so-called “glamour” of her profession.

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