I know I’m not the only one whose been up late  flipping through the channels and has become fixed on the infomercial that swears by the product being advertised. You watch all of the examples of how the given product trumps all of its competitors and you get to feeling like you really need it.

In doing that I have ended up with a work out- ab ball that has been collecting dust under my bed and a line of skin care products that have claimed space under my sink.

Good news! I’ve learned of some helpful tips to keep in mind before letting those savvy t.v. salesmen pitch you another product you don’t need.



These are paraphrased so if you’d like the full read click here.

  • Waiting a few minutes before buying helps to let the impulse feeling go away
  • Consider if you would really buy the item with cash
  • Consider products you already have that do the same thing as what’s being advertised, its probable they work the exact same
  • Pay attention to true value, if they can promise you two for the price of one that lets you know the original pricing is skewed
  • Make sure to not ignore the additional cost of shipping and handling it can add up
  • Don’t let the operator convince you to buy the add-ons, additional accessories, and extras
  • Remember you can always try out these tv products when they hit the shelves of your local CVS, Walgreens, Wal-Mart stores


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