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It’s been nearly a year since actor Michael Clark Duncan passed away and yet he still isn’t resting in peace. His tomb remains unmarked due to a beef between Duncan’s fiancee Omarosa and his family.


According to reports, the fight is over a bronze plaque that’s set to be placed on Michael Clark Duncan’s tomb. At this point in time, the plaque has yet to b ordered despite it already being paid for. The price of the plaque was already included in Duncan’s funeral costs. The reason for the plaque not having been ordered depends on who you ask.

According to Omarosa, she planned to order the plaque with her fiancee’s name, date of birth and death. However, she never ordered it because she was blocked by Duncan’s family who claimed they wanted to handle the plaque arrangements. If you talk to members of Michael Clark Duncan’s family, they will tell you the total opposite. The family claims Omarosa misrepresented herself as the late actor’s wife on cemetery paperwork and promised to order the plaque, but has yet to do so.

both sides are being stubborn and are refusing to talk to each other to work out the issue. A family friend calls the situation shameful considering Michael Clark Duncan’s mother in 95 years old and in poor health. All Duncan’s mother wants to see is her son finally resting peacefully. They can’t get it together for the greater good of Michael Clark Duncan and his mother?



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