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I was out this weekend supporting my girl JJ’s “Make Me Over For the Cause” event this weekend. While she was helping the world fight AIDS/HIV along with the rest of the crowd of fabulous women there who donated $25 in return for a day of pampering at 360 Degrees Hair Studio, I fell into a conversation with a woman who gives “Brazilian” bikini waxes to her clients. That’s not shocking in today’s climate. It’s the 21stcentury and from the “fro” to the “low and go” women seem to get as creative with their hair down there as they do with the do on their heads. What did surprise me is that a lot of her client’s are men.  I can’t believe it but stranger things have happened, so I put it to you

Do you think men get “Brazilian” waxes often? Should get them? Have you ever gotten one? Would you date a man who had one? Are you a man who has had one and think s other men should consider it, or a woman who loves for her man to have one? Let us know by voting on our poll below.  Hollaback Houston! Inquiring minds want to know.

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