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Man! This guy is feeling a way! And you know what… he is kind of justified if you really think about it! Apparently Bobby Ruffin took to his Facebook to express his aggravation with Adrian Peterson getting tons of attention and love from people around the world when he didn’t even know the little boy who passed. Bobby Ruffin was the man who believed the boy was his until recently.

He unloaded on A.P. on his Facebook saying,

“So tired of this poor Adrian Peterson sh*t. Let me blow all your minds. The boy who died was my son.

Yes A.P. he was the biological father but I raised him and he carried my name. Tyrese Robert Ruffin. I don’t blame AP for not really caring cuz him and I both found out recently who the biological father was.

AP met my son for the first time yest when my son was already in coma. I was here today when we pulled the plug, not him. He was happily practicing and has no problem playing on Sunday.

So yeah this isn’t all out yet but I’m sick of the poor AP sh*t. He didn’t know or even meet my son. Sorry for the outburst but put yourself in my place.”

 Umm yikes! We think he summed it up pretty well for himself. It’s something to think about for sure. There were two fathers here not just one. And out of the two only one of them raised the little boy. We get it. And we send Bobby Ruffin our sincere condolences. No one should ever have to go through that.


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