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Back in September, everybody (including Keyshia’s manager Manny) denied that Keyshia Cole was pregnant. All despite this Preggers Watch post we did on September 17th that clearly showed the beginning of her baby bump during her appearance at a Wal-Mart. But it looks like she can’t hide it anymore.

This weekend she and her Cavalier boyfriend Daniel “Boobie” Gibson gave away turkeys and a bag of groceries to families at Bethany Baptist Church in Cleveland. And when she got up to speak, her hand placement and thick belly definitely give way to a pronounced baby bump. These pics are from the event.

Not sure how much longer she’s going to hide away from the red carpet and public events. But I’m sure she and her soon to be baby daddy Boobie will be having a “secret” baby shower soon. Wonder if she hit up her sis Neffe for birthing advice. She’s an expert by now. Even though Key Key and Boobie haven’t confirmed, congrats to the couple anyway….