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Yesterday, Scarface and his Geto Boys partner Willie D sent rap fans into a frenzy when they posted this photo of Face a the hospital looking sick.

The Tweet read, “Y’all pray for Scarface. Respiratory problems. Not doing well” with the “Mind Playin Tricks” legend slumped in a gurney.

However, when the story morphed into him being on a respirator and fans began to express worry, Face attempted to diffuse the drama by posting this Instagram video with the message, “I’m cool. I just dozed off. I was having allergy issues and told Willie to post a pic and that was my pose. I’m good y’all preciate the luv tho.”

Nevertheless, the photo made its way to the bloggosphere and Face had to clarify once and for all what was going on.

“That ain’t no motherf*ckin news … f*ckin bored ass bloggers IT WAS A JOKE!!!! Damn get a life f*ck face…

We’re not sure this was a case of being bored. There are fans (and bloggers) who actually care about Scarface and his well being. If a photo of him laid out on a gurney is posted by one of his people asking for us to pray for him, that’s exactly what fans are going to do. Not to mention how many celebrities Twitter kills every month with false reports.

Twitter as a source of “news” has become its own beast, but when you feed the beast in this way some sh*t is going to come out of it.


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