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Did Kanye West‘s failure to propose to Kim Kardashian cause mother Kris Jenner to orchestrate the release of a racist rant by the “Yeezus” artist? That’s the allegation, according to anonymous sources who spoke with Diary of a Hollywood Street King.

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The tape purportedly features Kanye beefin’ with MTV, Taylor Swift, Pink and Eminem for the successes they displayed during the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, when he stormed the stage to rep Beyonce after Swift won the award for Best Female Video.

The source who spoke with HSK said the outburst illustrates a violent side to the medicated West:

“Kanye is Bipolar. He takes medication for his depression, I believe Cymbalta. When Kanye isn’t on his meds, he could get rather insulting or even violent. He was drunk at the VMA’s — and when he’s drunk, he turns into a different person.”

HSK says, without more proof, that “Kanye’s refusal to put a ring on Kim K is the reason behind Kris Jenner’s attack on Yeezus.”

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