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“I rep my city everywhere I go”- Beyoncé

Beyoncé aka Mrs. Carter brought her Mrs.Carter Show World Tour to her hometown of Houston, Texas yesterday, July 15th. It took place at the Toyota Center, where she will bring a second show on December 10th.

The Toyota Center was immersed in droves of fans who all came to see the female phenom. The lines were long and wrapped around the building twice over. Luckily BOX promotions brought crunk music and games to entertain, distracting from the Texas heat and humidity.

Beyoncé minions came in full costume, some mimicking her Single Ladies’ attire of fish net stockings and black leotard and heels and some others in Love On Top costuming. Yasssss!

Eventually, the line began to move and patrons were allowed in the building. Fans bought up concessions and proceeded to sit anxiously waiting for the superstar to dawn the stage.

Interesting video footage played on jumbo screens of Beyoncé advertisements for her fragrances, Pepsi, and H&M ads and even highlights of her philanthropic works. Then whalah! Magic happened, and out of no where her figure appeared and fans screamed!

Everyone rose to their feet to welcome her and a loud roar and chant was evoked from the audience.

As a fan and opinionated on-looker I can honestly say the show was electrifying exhilarating, and energetic to say the least. Beyoncé has unparalleled showmanship and stage presence. She commands the stage and draws people all the way in. Its really an experience.

The vibrant show lights, theatrical themes, elaborate costuming, air lift trick, stage transitions, sass, intricate choreography and sheer talent featured in the show lends way to a guaranteed fun night. #Winning

Another very entertaining thing unbeknownst me was the guy in the row in front of us. He danced the night away and did a scream-singing version of every song, youd’a thought he was the one in concert, our whole section cheered him on. I know he slept good!

To wrap it all up King Bey highlighted her extraordinary stage mates including The Mamas, the all-female band and the only men on the tour, French dancers-the Les twins.

Are you a BEYliever? What were your thoughts on last night’s show? Tell us about  it!

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