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(Englewood Cliffs, NJ)  —  Hair plays a big role in many women’s lives.  Eighty-percent of the ladies taking part in a Dove Hair poll admit they feel more confident when they’re having a “great hair day,” and 90-percent say a great hair day can “positively impact their whole day.”  In addition, 85-percent say everyday events like going out to dinner are “better” when they believe their hair looks good, and 50-percent are more likely to post photos of themselves on Facebook when they like their hairstyle.  Meanwhile, 40-percent have refused to let anyone snap their picture on a “bad hair day.”  Most women also struggle to have a “great hair day” every day.  Seventy-percent say they haven’t found the key to consistently getting their hair to look the way they want it. 

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07-15-2013 00:14:15