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If you’re of Hispanic descent and live in the Seattle area, you better watch your back as it seems that racial profiling is at an all time high.

Video has surfaced from an April 17th incident where police detain an innocent man while looking for robbery suspects and proceed to give him a few kicks to the head while he’s laying on the ground.

The footage shows several Seattle police standing over the victim as Police Detective Shandy Cobane shouts,

“I’m going to beat the fuc*ing  Mexican piss out of you homey!  You feel me?”

Another female officer took her opportunity to get in a few kicks as well.

After finding out the unidentified man had nothing to do with the robbery, officers let me go on his merry way with bruises and all.

Cobane is 15-year veteran of the police force and gave a tearful apology, saying he never imagined he would “do anything to bring such notoriety to my department. Sadly, I did.”

Cobane and the other  officer have been placed on administrative leave and the city’s police department is carrying out an internal investigation.

Now if this wasn’t caught on tape, would Cobane be really tearfully apologizing or just continuing with his normal beat down routines.    We’re pretty sure this wasn’t the first time… just the first time you got caught.


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