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Jose Canseco, 48, once had a very distinguished baseball career until his admission he used steroids over his 20-years in the game. Now, the former Major League Baseball outfielder, who is currently playing for the Fort Worth Cats, is facing a new controversy after being accused of rape by a woman in Las Vegas.

TMZ reports Canseco is under investigation after Susie Bell filed a report that she was sexually assaulted on May 10 by the “Juiced” author.

By the looks of Jose’s Twitter, he’s either keeping any concern close to the vest or he feels he’ll be exonerated of the charges after he took to his social media account to drop a few notes for his over 500,000 followers.

He said he was boarding a flight to Dallas to play a game with the Fort Worth Cats. He also said he’d like to play “Truth or Dare” with his accuser:

Probably not the words we’d choose, but then again, it’s Jose Canseco. The Atlantic Wire also has screenshots of a series of other tweets Jose felt compelled to make about Susie Bell, who is allegedly a fitness instructor, including her phone number and photos.

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