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Is King Bey pregnant with Baby Carter No. 2? Beyonce has cancelled her “Mrs. Carter World Tour” in Belgium due to health concerns, stirring rumors that she might be pregnant again.

Concert promoters announced the cancellation is blamed on exhaustion and dehydration, according to TMZ. According to her publicist, Bey was advised by her doctors to rest. The next tour date is on Wednesday, but “she is awaiting word from her doctors before making a decision,” reports Australia’s The Courier Mail.

Beyonce, 31, launched her tour in Serbia last month, and it all culminates in a final performance  at Barclays Centre, in Brooklyn, N.Y. on August 5. That is, if she makes it that long…

How could a seasoned, well-oiled machine like Beyonce face these problems? Granted, as much as we adore her–she is only human. But, are we really supposed to believe the pampered Bey could be so sick?

Three recent developments suggest to us that Beyonce might just be pregnant…

Why We Think Beyonce Might Be Pregnant:

  1. She’s in Prime Physical Condition… Her Health Can’t Be the Reason She Cancelled!
  2. She’s in Nesting Mode with a New Malibu Nest!
  3. She’s Already Hinted at Having Another Baby!

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