Money can cause a scuffle, even between the closest of kin. An auction house has pulled Kobe Bryant and his mama Pamela Bryant into court after the two started beefin’ over ownership for some memorabilia through his basketball career.

Pamela received a $450,000 advance from Goldin Auctions for a laundry list of Kobe collectibles, including a 2000 All Star game signed basketball, letters, game and practice jerseys from when Kobe was in high school, a Lakers jacket and shorts, trophies, and other items, TMZ reports.

Pamela says Kobe gave her the stuff, Kobe says she’s wrong. Mama Bryant says the money was going to be used to buy a new home.

Granted, perhaps miscommunication could be at the root of this issue, given the two haven’t always had the best relationship, according to Fan IQ. Many of the problems between his folks began with their disapproval of his marriage to Vanessa, Complex reports.

Whatever the reason for their feud, here’s to hoping the Bryant family works it out!

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