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The Oakland Raiders recently released QB JaMarcus Russell who was drafted #1 overall in 2007. Raider owner Al Davis finally lost patience with the immensely talented but unproductive player.

The Raiders paid Russell more than $36 million through last season. They still owe him $3 million more but saved $6.45 million by not having him on the roster in 2010. unveiled a new feature called the “Salary Crunch,” where you can enter your annual salary and see just how long it would take a number of high-profile athletes to make that mark, and how long it would take you to make what he makes. Included in the “crunch” — QB JaMarcus Russell.

For example, if you made $36,500 a year, Russell will have earned that same amount following:

.09 Games

1 Pass completions

.05 Touchdowns

11.57 Yards passing

You will need to work 352.94 years in order to make JaMarcus Russell’s annual salary.

Give it a try here.

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