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Bending to pressure from protestors and critics, Rick Ross’ controversial lyrics will be removed from Atlanta rapper Rocko’s “U.O.E.N.O.”

The song gained national attention several weeks ago when Ross’ verse about slipping drugs into a woman’s champagne then having sex with her “not even knowing” made headlines. Critics and women’s groups called out the words for condoning date rape, but Ross insisted that he was “misinterpreted.”

“Put Molly all in her Champagne/ She ain’t even know it/ I took her home and I enjoyed that/ She ain’t even know it,”

After an on-air apology women’s group Ultraviolet held a protest at the Reebok flagship store in New York. Ross is a spokesman for the sneaker company and referenced the brand in the same song.  Ross answered the protest with another apology on Twitter but that could not silence the dissent around his words.

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Even though several of  Ross’ peers came out in his defense, Rocko finally announced that he would be removing the offensive lyrics from the song in hopes that he can properly market and promote the record.

“The record with Ross, that will always be the original record,” he told New York radio station Hot 97 on Tuesday. “Because of the type of traction that the record has as far as radio and all over the country … it puts me in a position where I have to change it. With all respect to the homie Ross … it’s a Catch-22. I don’t want to take him off.”

There is no word yet as to who will replace Ross on the song, if anyone.

Do you think this will end the controversy?


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