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Did Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Already Get Married? (thumbnail)

The buzz-worthy couple Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose have been quickly deemed as not so good parents. The two display their new addition and first child, son Sebastian on Twitter. Khalifah is seen warmly embracing the little one even giving kisses to his mini-me.

Where then is the criticism stemmed from? Well, some did not think the baby’s socks adorned with weed was a wise choice.

Is it just a pair of socks or a forewarning for what is to come? As a parent, if being your own person and making your own decisions are embraced with regard to your children then that’s one thing. But if a particular lifestyle is encouraged, approved of, or leaves the child exposed to, does it potentially harm their better judgement?

We tend to take on the ways of our same-sex parent, so will baby Sebastian be led with needed boundaries or a frivolous attitude?

Or, is none of this our business and should we all butt out?

Amber Rose was not taking too kindly  to the criticism. Guess you don’t mess with a mama’s cub! The pics and her response below.



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