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Was the $6,000 tip The Game left for a server following his Easter Sunday meal actually much less than originally reported? Eme Ikuakor, the server at the center of the story, seems to say as much.

The Jesus Piece emcee alleges he decided to take care of his server to the tune of 6,000 big ones. On Twitter, The Game writes:

But, it’s what Ikuakor allegedly wrote on Instagram this afternoon that has thrown The Game’s whole story into limbo:

So, how much did he actually leave? And, was it within the 15 to 20 percent recommended by many etiquette experts? Given The Capital Grille is out of reach for some people, the tip was probably already steep even before the alcohol was added to the bill.

Neither The Game nor Ikuakor have commented on the conflicting storyline. To be continued…

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