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Being a journalist has it’s positives and negatives. While we get access to celebrity events and albums a week or two before they hit iTunes, we still have to deal with the bad things like struggle rappers. The mere mention of a struggle rapper in this post will illicit about five to ten responses on Twitter from an aspiring rapper from some no name town in the backwoods of Wyoming saying they are the hottest thing in their hood. Mind you, that hood probably only consists of one traffic light and no neighbors no less than six miles away.

But what about the rapper who is dope enough to make a publication want to interview them? They need some help too. Their music isn’t saturated with the “f**k b***hes, get money” rhetoric and they deserve a chance to be heard. The only problem with giving said rapper a chance is most of the time the interview is crap because of the young rapper’s nerves. In effort to help us help them, our friends at The Smoking Section wrote a guide for the struggle rapper who is about to get put on. Check out an excerpt below:

2. You Are Not The Editor – Again, your only job is to go about your life and get interviewed. That means that as the writer, I’m never, ever, ever going to show you the article before it’s published. And asking otherwise is a telltale amateur move. Also, you don’t get to look at the pictures you take to see which one gets in the magazine. That never happens. Basically, your appearance is in the publication’s hands. Speaking of…

Head over to The Smoking Section for the rest of the guide.


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