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workoutYou ever think you were good, only to find out that you weren’t even close to your potential? That’s what happened to me this weekend when I went to the Phil Heath Classic. I thought through hard work I had shaped my body into a temple, but hanging out with the athletes that came from all over the world to compete in the event put on by the current Mr. Olympia – I learned I had just maybe finished the steps to the front floor.

Being around professionals who took their nutrition and routine as seriously as breathing showed me I could do better, and that if I take the right steps I can make what I thought was good into something great. So, I’m beginning a new era of training. I’m kicking up my workout routine. I’ve got my six-pack lunchbox to keep all my meals and I’m paying attention to my nutrition. If you thought I was good before Houston – you haven’t seen anything yet! I’m building a bigger, better J Mac. Watch out world!

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