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File this one under Lawd Have Mercy! Lil Kim went ballistic on Twitter this evening! She tweeted some venom to Wendy Williams that would make a black cobra wince! It all seems to stem from Wendy’s “Hot Topic” concerning how her appearance has changed over the years and needless to say Miss Kim was not a happy girl!

*Editor’s Note: These tweets are NOT for the meek!

We all know Miss Wendy Williams is no wallflower, and she is not the first to make those comments, and probably not the last. However, Wendy is  a talk show titan, and therefore can carry this on as long as she likes. She has the power to make this go a lot further than it needs to.

But c’mon ladies, let’s find a way to get this under control before it goes too far. Because whether you recognize it or not, and whether you like it or not, there are young girls everywhere posted up, watching your behavior. Show them how grown women can handle things respectfully. Don’t add to this culture that showcases black and brown women at each other’s throats. There is plenty of that to go around. Please ditch the “Mean Girls” stuff. If not for yourselves, for the rest of us.


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