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The TSA agents at Newark International Airport are about to feel the sting of the pink slip. Recently, an undercover inspector working for the TSA was cleared to board a plane with a fake bomb stuffed in his pants.

The security breach happened on the day of February 25th. A special operations team, not unlike the police force’s internal affairs, staged the security breach after 71 employees at Newark International Airport were either fired of disciplined because of major security lapses and theft of property. The “bomber” was a member of the “Red team” which consisted of four people posing as ticketed travelers going through the B1 checkpoint where American Airlines, JetBlue, and Delta are located.

The “bomber” made it through the metal detector unnoticed and was even pulled aside for a physical pat down and was still cleared to board the plane without the explosives being detected. Out of the four person team, only one was detected–a woman hiding her “explosive” inside a child’s doll. A source says the only reason she was stopped was because she looked overtly suspicious. Though the size of the “explosives” weren’t disclosed, it only takes a device as small as a pen to blow a hole through a plane.

The Transportation Security Administration also conducted the same test in Terminal C of Newark Airport. However, they aren’t releasing the results. “TSA regularly conducts covert testing of security layers. Regardless of the tests’ outcome, TSA officers are provided with immediate on-the-spot feedback so they receive the maximum training value that the drills offer,” the TSA said in a statement. “Due to the security-sensitive nature of the tests, TSA does not publicly share details about how they are conducted, what specifically is tested or the outcomes.”

Newark Airport has long been lacksidasical in their screening process. In 2011, a screener left a note in a woman’s luggage when she found a vibrator. The note read, “Get your freak on, girl!” A year earlier a man who was so in love with his girlfriend was allowed to walk through security without a ticket or anything to give his girlfriend a kiss before she boarded her flight.

With this news, how safe do you feel knowing the TSA is about to start allowing people to carry pocket knives on airplanes again?



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