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With Rihanna being officially added to the Grammy performance roster, it’s not surprising to see rumors quickly spread that the artists might be adding her special friend, Chris Brown, to the set. To stir up controversy. To get people talking. To show you how much they don’t care what you think despite clearly going out of their way to put their private lives in the public space.

According to this rumor, it’s Chris who wants to join Rihanna on stage. Not that I necessarily believe this story, but let’s say I did for a second so I can say, hardy har at Chris leading the charge for his image overhaul. You know, because he’s been so good at it thus far.

Meanwhile, the rumor via Radar Online:

“Chris wants to perform with Rihanna at the Grammys to show the whole world they are back together,” a source told Radar exclusively. “Chris doesn’t care what the haters say, and wants to give the viewers an over the top performance with Rihanna.”

Many observers are appalled by Chris and Rihanna’s recent romantic reunion. The image of her badly battered face is unforgettable and a victim of domestic violence reuniting with her batterer has enraged many.

But Brown sees it differently.

“He wants the fans to know this is the real deal, and he is a changed man,” the source said. “If Rihanna can forgive him, the rest of the world should move on from what happened four years ago,” he believes.

Producers of the Grammys “haven’t signed off on having Chris and Rihanna perform together,” a source revealed. “It’s an extremely delicate situation and there is concern about the backlash the performance could receive. But it could also be ratings gold.”


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