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As an increasing amount of people being to question the sincerity of the relationship between Love & Hip Hop stars Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena, here comes a story that claims the two did the grownup in a public restroom. This is the part where I’m supposed to judge them, but I suppose I’ll leave that to the folks who are more into that sort of thing. That said, I don’t think anyone questioned whether or not the two were sexually involved. Wasn’t it more so about whether Rich gives that much of a damn about Erica and vice versa?

Either way, Page Six has more about the Love & Hip Hop stars sharing their love near the stalls:

“Love & Hip Hop” stars Rich Dollaz and Erica Mena celebrated the VH1 show’s new season with a restroom romp at Cafeteria. Following the premiere party at Kiss & Fly, the pair hit the Chelsea restaurant, where they caused a backup in the loo line. A spy said, “Security were knocking, but no one would come out. Rich and Erica emerged from the stall disheveled.” Staff asked the couple to leave, and “Rich was staggering. He almost fell,” says the spy. “He got into a Mercedes, and friends had to get him from the driver’s seat to the back. Cops were called, but they’d already left.” Dollaz told us, “You can run with the sex in the bathroom. I won’t confirm or deny. I vaguely remember being there. It was a fun night.”


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