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At Midnight Dec. 31, 2012 I committed suicide. Not with a knife or pills, but with a mental bullet straight through the brain. And when I died there was no one there to mourn me. Why? First of all my death – God bless – was a metaphorical one. The point wasn’t to end up in the morgue but to destroy the old me, not entirely, but the bad parts that threatened to rot the whole. So, with precise intent and the aim of a man who knows himself well, I shot mental bullets until my clip was empty. Goodbye laziness, conceit, avarice, greed and complacency. I shot them one-by-one, right out of my brain to disconnect them from my heart – in cold blood. Today, I stand here a new man reborn without the sins or bad habits of the past to hinder me. This new year is a gift we have all been given. More time to right wrongs, help those that we can and seek our own happiness.

Happy New Years Friends, Don’t Waste It – J

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