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Tyga is not a huge fan of bloggers, to say the least. In a new interview with Complex magazine, the Young Money rapper hailing from Cali shared his thoughts on the lack of respect he feels some online bloggers give artists. Well, he generalized all bloggers, but since I had a red velvet cupcake earlier, so thus am feeling good, I’m going to assume he didn’t mean to say all…because that would be wrong.

Meanwhile, here are the excerpts on bloggers as well as the beef between his label mate Drake and frequent collaborator Chris Brown:

What about when someone isn’t just hating on your music or how you dress, but when the hate gets personal. You have look and see a website saying you got an engaged, or that you have a child on the way. Does that cross the line?

I don’t know. That’s personal business. Blogs and sh*t, these motherf*ckers don’t have no respect and that’s why I don’t do interviews with nobody. None of these bloggers, because they don’t have no respect. They have no respect for the artist no more. It ain’t no artistry. People don’t respect it. That’s why a lot of people f*ck with the same people they f*ck with. That’s why I know when Jay drops the new record, it’s gonna be with Angie Martinez or Flex. They built that relationship with people where it’s like they’re only gonna mess with who they mess with.

The blog s*it is becoming so corny now. That’s why I stick to a few websites that I like to go on. People need to stop worrying about just that world.

The sh*t is just crazy. The sh*t that you see online, comments like, “Where do these motherf*ckers live at?” Who are they? That’s why I like Instagram. When people start to hate on that sh*t, it’s not as worse as Twitter because you can see photos. You can see who a motherf*cker really is and it’s real.

I don’t know about all that, but he’s understandably answering from the state of his inner Carl Thomas (ahem) right now so I’ll let him rock with it.

How do you feel about the conflict between Drake and Chris Brown? You’re on Young Money, but you have a relationship with Chris Brown.

I think it’s wack. I don’t think it creates anything positive. Don’t worry about the little sh*t. Everybody’s rich. Why do you gotta worry about it? I can only speak as a fan and a friend. I can’t really say much about that.

Yes give peace a chance, and if you want, read the interview in full at Complex.


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