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When people heard Nicki Minaj would be joining the “American Idol” judging panel, they thought, “How is the talentless artist going to judge a talent competition?!” While we may not agree Nicki Minaj is talentless, we do wonder what type judge she is going to be.  Are the eccentric faces and multiple personalities going to rear their ugly heads in the judging room? We aren’t completely sure, but we certainly hope so.

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Since the “American Idol” auditions started last weekend, we can probably imagine all of the dimwitted criticism Nicki is going to give and receive. While young Money’s first Lady may give great critiques for aspiring artists to grow, we hope she delivers some of the ratchet behavior we’ve come to love her for. In hopes of Nicki being the television personality she is on her records, The Urban Daily put together five of the Barbie’s lyrics she could give to auditioning contestants.

Contestant Becomes Offended After Hearing Nicki’s Remarks:

“Is this the thanks that I get for puttin’ you b*tches on?” – ‘Roman’s Revenge’

Contestant Is Crazy And Judges Don’t Know how To Handle Them:

“I don’t know man, f**k is on your biscuit?” -’Beez In The Trap’

Contestant Defiantly Asks Nicki What The Difference Between Their Singing Ability Is:

“I look like yes and you look like no.” – ‘Up All Night’

Contestant Sobs After Being Told They Have No Talent:

“Just killed another career, it’s a mild day.” – ‘Monster’

Contestant Does Poorly Due To Nerves: 

“Don’t be actin’ like the Cardinals and gon’ fumble.” – ‘Itty Bitty Piggy’


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