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CLOSE – Rihanna’s definitely addicted to tattoos! The R&B/Pop songstress posted a new pic on instagram of her newest ink addition showing an Egyptian hieroglyphic of Isis, Queen of all Egyptian goddesses under her breast bone. She got this tattoo in honor of her grandmother who passed away in July from Cancer.  So how many tats does the self proclaimed “Bad Gal” have?

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According to our sources Rihanna has the following tattoos:

1) Skull & Crossbones with a pink bow on the skull on the back of her ankle

2) The quote “Never a failure, always a lesson” written backwards over the right side of her chest near her collar bone

3) Sanskrit prayer on the left side of her back

4) Cluster of stars going down her neck to her right shoulder blade

5) Roman numerals XI IV LXXXVI on the top of her left collar bone

6) The word “Love” written in cursive on her left middle finger

7) Outline of a star on the pinna of her left ear

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8) Treble Clef & a 16th note on the left side of her right foot

9) “Shhh…” on her right pointer finger

10) Pisces behind her right ear

11) Gun on her right side on her ribcage

12) An Arabic phrase on her ribcage area, meaning “Freedom is God”

13) Maori-inspired geometric design on her right hand that represents strength and love

14) Sanskrit writing on her going down her right hip that meansforgiveness, honesty, suppression and control

15) Friendship symbol behind her left ear

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Well this new one can surely be added to the list! Check out more pics of Rihanna’s tattoos below courtesy of!