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(Los Angeles, CA)  —  Director Tony Scott, known for blockbuster hits such as “Top Gun,” “Days Of Thunder” and “Beverly Hills Cop II” is dead, the victim of an apparent suicide.  The Los Angeles County Coroner says Scott jumped to his death yesterday afternoon from the Vincent Thomas Bridge over Los Angeles Harbor.  His colleagues were quick to express shock.  Academy award-winning director Ron Howard said on Twitter, quote, “No more Tony Scott movies.  Tragic Day.”  “Lord of the Rings” star Elijah Wood tweeted, “awful news about Tony Scott.  rest in peace.”   

Tony Scott was the younger brother of director Ridley Scott whose equally impressive resume includes the films “Alien,” “Blade Runner,” “Thelma & Louise,” “Gladiator” and this year’s “Prometheus.”  The brothers served as co-producers on the CBS drama “NUMB3RS” and “The Good Wife.”  They recently wrapped production on the medical thriller “Coma,” starring Ellen Burstyn.  The four-hour drama will premiere on A&E next month.  Tony Scott was 68 years old.  


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