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Norway is saying no way to Snoop Dogg  —  at least for a few years.  The rapper has been banned from the country for two years following his arrest last month for marijuana possession.  Snoop was sniffed out by a canine unit while on his way to a music festival.  Authorities reportedly found eight grams of marijuana in his luggage.  He also had too much money on hand and was cited for carrying more than the legal limit of cash into the country.  Snoop was fined 86-hundred dollars after owning up to the charges.  According to the “New York Daily Mail,” Snoop’s legal rep in Norway says the rapper “can live with the decision” and has no immediate plans to appeal his two-year ban.

Snoop is planning another trip out of the country this weekend.  He’s headed to Canada, where he’s scheduled to make his live debut as a reggae artist at Toronto’s Caribana festival on Friday.