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One woman’s unique taste in lawn decorations has started a feud between neighbors in Tonawanda, New York.  “The Tonawanda News” reports Shirley Draper placed a pair of fake testicles in her backyard, right where her neighbor Peter Diliberto and his wife could see them.  The Dilibertos called police in an effort to get the ornament removed, but the cops said there was nothing they could do because displaying that piece of the male anatomy — on private property, no less — is not illegal.  So Diliberto decided to take matters into his own hands by photographing the testicles and using a laminated copy of the picture to make a sign pointing to Draper’s yard.  Last week, Draper leaned over the fence dividing the two yards and tore down the picture.  Police say she wasn’t arrested at the time, but she will be served a criminal summons for fourth degree criminal mischief and trespassing.


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07-13-2012 00:14:13