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“Ain’t no rock bands, ain’t no country artists playing no song over and over again!” -Kanye West

Jay-Z and Kanye West have made “N****s In Paris” more than just a song, but an experience.

The mosh pit was once a “white people thing” but ever since “The Throne” incorporated the organized confusion into their act, blacks have indulged in the chaos.

Drunk, high or completely sober…the mosh pit is just fun! Even Beyonce participated in one! With careful instruction from Hov himself (and everyone listens because he is Hov) a circle is formed in the middle of thousands of rowdy fans. Upon the drop of Hit-Boys’ infectious body-commanding beat, the crowd collapses into itself and it is there that you find yourself in the arms of a stranger…and the adrenaline pumping feeling is euphoric.

Our very own Editorial Director, Leigh Davenport endured the commanding task of jumping, screaming and balancing herself amidst a rambunctious audience while filming the once in a lifetime experience on her camera phone.

Enjoy the mosh pit:

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