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Lyfe Jennings is fresh out and making his return to music after being incarcerated in 2010 for a DUI. Lyfe stopped by The Box to chop it up with Qui West this past weekend before his first show in 2 years. We discussed what he has learned and taken from his time away, his biggest challenges in making his return to the music scene, why he doesn’t agree with making mixtapes, why he doesn’t cheat, the new album, and his advice to Chris Brown and Drake to avoid future drama.

On his advice to Chris Brown and Drake:

Quit being so emotional about stuff. I have lived the emotional part of it and when the situation approaches you, you have to think about the people in your life….when you fall, you have 30 other people that fall with you…and in the middle of that, don’t ever call the police! Forget the career, that’s how people get ruined!

On Nicki Minaj going Pop:

It’s all about her bottom line. If her bottom line is to get a whole bunch of paper then yeah she doing the right thing. If her plan is to get all the respect, then maybe not. But she sexy at the top or the bottom so…

On his current relationship and why he doesn’t cheat:

When you younger, you look externally but when you look at what you have at home, you have to ask yourself is it worth you losing that….you always have to remember two things can’t occupy the same space and one time. So you gotta add up if this new chick is worth you losing everything you have at home?? You become grown when you ask yourself that question

Listen to this Exclusive interview below! 


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