Rap music has a serious obsession with youth. While rappers who started in the game in the early nineties have been pushed aside by the younger cats, one thing remains in hip-hop, rappers love their children. Sure, rappers sometimes act a fool and forget who their kids are while they in the throes of passion with groupies. However, when its time to be a family man,the kids are their only focus.

In honor of Father’s Day, we highlight some of the songs where rappers children steal the spotlight from their famous fathers and rep their last names. Check out our list of five child cameos in rap songs. Hit us in the comments to tell us anything we missed.

5. Birdman & Lil Wayne – “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy”

Yes, we realize Birdman and Weezy aren’t blood related, but they’ve grown close like a father/son duo. ”Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” is the record Wayne resurrected Birdman’s rap career. Y’all know Birdman’s rhymes were dead in the water after “What Happened To That Boy.” Weezy, at the zenith of his career, made sure we didn’t forget he got all his swag from his daddy. Why didn’t his daddy tell him about the joys of condoms and not prodreating with every video model or B-List R&B singer he came into contact with? And we didn’t forget about these two grown ass men kissing on the lips talking about this how fathers and sons get down, but we won’t talk about that on Father’s Day. You’re welcome, Birdman.

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4. Will Smith – “Just The Two Of Us”

The emotions dealing with impending fatherhood are overwhelming. Will Smith confronted those feelings head on in his 1999 hit “Just The Two Of Us.” Though written for his oldest son Trey, Jada Pinkett-Smith appears in the video pregnant with Jaden Smith. Jaden didn’t have a song written for him, he got movie roles and opportunities to record and perform at the Grammys with Justin Bieber. I think those Smith kids are good, despite their fashion and style choices.

3. The Notorious B.I.G. – “One More Chance”

Black and ugly as ever, however, Biggie got more pairs of panties thrown at him than he could catch-and he caught a lot. When it came to the original version of “One More Chance,” Biggie’s daughter T’yanna left the greeting on Big’s voicemail letting these thirsty broads to fall back from her daddy. Despite some adult language peppered into her message, T’yanna grew up to be a nice youong lady. No tweets aboout condoms and cocaine her. Sorry, Nas.

2. Big Boi – “Bamboo (Interlude)”

There’s nothing better than to see a father be absolutely proud of his offspring. Big Boi proved exactly how proud he was of his son Bamboo by letting the young child get his rap skills put on Speakerboxxx. Bamboo does his best rendition of Outkast’s “The Whole World” and it’s almost better than the actual song. The best part of the interlude is when Bamboo tells Big Boi he is going to sing Michael Jackson on his record and Big Boi aint having that.

1. Jay-Z ft. Blue Ivy Carter – “Glory”

There is no way we could talk about child rap cameos without mentioning the sole heir to the throne we keep watching. Besides being the alleged princess of the illuminati, Blue Ivy Carter is already breaking records and she hasn’t even begun walking yet. Jay recorded “Glory” as a way to capture all the emotions he felt right after witnessing the birth of his first child. It was kind of like watching a man grow right before your eyes because in a matter of days Jay went from having 99 problems and a b***h not being one to not using the word in his rhymes. Kids will make you do that–grow up.


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