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“L.A. Hair” stylist Angela Christine has mastered weaves, coloring and hair care treatments that will leave you with fabulous tresses! The young professional, specializes in making others beautiful and dedicated one day out to the week to give HelloBeautiful readers, hair tips that she shares with her elite clients!


-See a professional every 4-6 weeks for trims and deep conditioning. Also using professional products like Joico is one of my favorite lines to use because it helps replenish the hair’s moisture and PH balance. It is great for conditioning after chemical services. Also Kimble Hair Care has a new Brazilian Nut and Acai Berry line that is great for replenishing moisture for dry brittle hair. Look for it in select target stores nationwide.

angela christine-Keeping your body hydrated is extremely important for the health of the hair. It’s important to drink at least 8 cups of water daily

-For a healthy scalp, try not to shampoo with hot water. Lukewarm water helps combat a dry flaky scalp

How one can maintain healthy hair?

-If it ain’t Broke, don’t fix it. If your hair is healthy, continue doing what works for you. Everyone’s hair and condition is different if you’ve found a stylist or products that have gotten it to a healthy place no need to experiment much further.

-Silk is your best friend!! A silk pillowcase is a must. Unlike cotton silk keeps the moisture in which prevents breakage.

What products do you recommend for optimum hair health?

-Sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners are great for not stripping the hair if its natural moisture like the Kimble Hair Care Line available in target stores.

How often should women wash and trim their hair?

-Shampooing hair varies on natural oil production. For oily hair every 3-4 days is fine. Dry shampoos are also a friend to women with oily hair if frequent shampooing becomes too drying. The average for curly- coarse hair is once a week, two weeks at the most.  I recommend clients trim their hair every 4-6 weeks. For excessive weave wearers trims are crucial after each installation.

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