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How tall is Kanye West? The rapper is a giant in his own mind, but in reality, Kanye West’s height is rather modest. Kanye stands five feet, nine inches tall, according to most websites. Some sources have the Chicago MC at five feet, eight inches tall—a figure he’d surely dispute—while others go as high as five feet, eleven inches.

Regardless, Kanye West is shorter than his Watch the Throne partner Jay-Z. Hova, according to most sites, is somewhere between six feet and six feet, two inches.

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Other rappers who are taller than Yeezy: Slim Thug (six feet, six inches), Waka Flocka Flame (said to be six feet, seven inches), and Snoop Dogg (six feet, four inches, give or take). If nothing else, West can pride himself on being taller than Geto Boys rapper Bushwick Bill, who stands a mere three feet, eight inches.

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It’s probably a good thing that Kanye West isn’t taller. As the rapper himself says, “No one man should have all that power,” and had he been blessed with a few more inches, the rhymer, producer, video director, fashion designer, expert Tweeter, political commentator, and tabloid fixture might rule the world.

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