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Mexican-Pointy-BootsSaw these Mexican Pointy Boots this weekend-pretty crazy!

THEBOXHOUSTON.com – Sources say Mexican pointy boots were founded in Mexican’s northern Matehuala city, known for being a cowboy town with ongoing rodeos. People would gather and have dance competitions wearing these boots decorated with glitter, sparkling fabric and other shiny materials. Read more below!

Competition sparked when many people were wearing the same size of boots but to differentiate themselves from others,  dancers started making their boots longer and longer up to 7 inches. Did we mention they rock these boots with skinny jeans??

One of the recent Matehuala dance competitions brought out more than 800 people, to watch the ballroom dancers jump laterally and spin, and sensually shaking their hips while waving their arms as theirs boots sparkling, shiny under the disco light, and as their long foot toes extensions bounced laterally.

For this past year, due to the fact these Mexican pointy boots are designed for dancing. Apparantly, the Mexican pointy boots caught on in other cities, rodeos and discos, even appearing on dancing floor in Dallas, Texas.

Read more about the origin of the Mexican Pointy Boots and the tribal music HERE.

We found a video documentary courtesy of  Vice.com you can check out below too!

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