CLOSE – Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman got a chance to sit with Wendy Williams to address the controversy surrounding bullying Kesha Nichols along with her more recent health scare.

She has since apologized to Kesha, but that didn’t stop the viewers from complaining and going after her daughters on social networks about their mother. Tami stated she wasn’t happy about it but the only person she has to blame was herself because she was the one that acted a “plum fool” on the show.

Tami also admitted that after she saw the look of embarrassment on her daughter’s faces, she realized that she wasn’t taking advantage of the platform she has on television and that she was not responsible.

Season 5 of Basketball Wives has been renewed but Tami’s bad temper won’t be returning:

I can’t speak for the other girls, but I am making a personal vow that I will never see that look on my children’s faces again.

Good for you Tami, we will still be tuning in!

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