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“Basketball Wives” just keeps getting more and more explosive as the season goes on, and last night’s episode was the climax. Tami is still upset with Kesha (and although I still haven’t figured out the reason why) and she’s insisting on messing with her until Kesha apologizes to her. Poor Kesha is cut from a different cloth, and flees the scene to avoid any physical confrontation. You can look at Kesha’s face and tell that she’s terrified, especially since she left the table so fast that he forgot to grab her purse and her phone. Which is when Tami decides that she’ll continue to mess with Kesha even more and take her purse and hold it hostage until Kesha comes and “politely” asks for it back. Now, call me crazy, but I don’t think ANYONE would take that from Tami and I don’t think Tami would try that mess with anyone else BUT Kesha, so it became pretty sad to see Tami blatantly bully Kesha throughout the whole episode.

On the way back to their rooms, Tami decides that she’s going to go through Kesha’s phone while Shaunie, Ev and Suzie just sit back and watch her do it. Sure, they think that Tami’s actions are wrong but none of them are brave enough to say anything to her.

Once they make it back to the room, Kesha is shown crying hysterically and only wants her purse back. Tami barges into Kesha’s room with Shaunie and Ev by her side and demands an apology from her and tells her that if she wants her purse back that she needs to say “please” and “thank you”. Watching this scene totally hurt my heart , as Tami was shown towering over Kesha as she’s crying with most confused look on her face and Shaunie and Ev just standing around watching. Clearly, Kesha is “not about this life” and for Tami to just take advantage of Kesha in this situation was more than disgusting, it was embarrassing!

Eventually, Kesha “politely” asks for her purse back from Tami, and after a few more “b****” out of Tami’s mouth, she finally throws it at her and walks out the room, leaving Shaunie and Ev to talk to Kesha.

They try to explain to Kesha that Tami doesn’t like to be talked about behind her back in no way shape or form, and all she wanted was for Kesha to talk to her in her face about her problems. My issue with this is, who doesn’t talk? Everybody does, and everytime someone says something bad about someone else, I wouldn’t expect them to have to apologize for their words! Maybe it’s just me, but everybody is entitled to their opinion, even if it’s about someone else!

Kesha explains to the girls that all her life she’s felt like she didn’t fit in and was too white for the black girls and too black for the white girls, and while Tami doesn’t understand that her comments to Kesha were offensive, they were and struck a nerve with her. Kesha also says that she wants to go home (smart decision) because she has no reason to be there anymore. Sigh.

You would think that this was enough bullying to go around for one episode, but nope, these girls aren’t done. As promised, they gather up a bunch of dead fish to plant around Kenya’s room so that upon her arrival, her room smells a little “fishy”. SMH, they know Kenya is a little off her rocker so I’m curious to see what will happen when Kenya finally arrives.

What do you think about Tami and the other girls’ behavior on this episode? Is Tami a bully or is Kesha too sensitive?

Do you think that Tami is wrong for bullying Keisha? Let’s chat on Twitter! @xoxoSHAR

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