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The plot on “Basketball Wives” is getting thicker and thicker. We’ll call this episode “The Slap Heard Around The World” as poor bougie “Princess Jen” keeps being the butt of everybody’s frustration. Lets back up a little bit and talk about how this situation all started. We were introduced to Evelyn’s friend/assistant, Nia, a few episodes back, and I guess that those few minutes of camera time weren’t enough for her because on this episode she completely took over and became the star of the show. Apparently, her and Jen used to be great friends, and when Jen would stay in New York, she would sleep at Nia’s house. The girls were so close that Jen even had a set of Nia’s house keys. But now, since Jen has turned so “bougie” and “Hollywood”, Nia and Jen’s friendship has changed, and Nia pretty much wants to be like Evelyn and bully Jen until she cracks. She decides that she is going to confront Jen about her changed ways, and try and get her house keys back. Simple? Nothing is simple with these ladies..

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Suzie has invited everybody to the race track, and by everybody that includes Jen and Evelyn (minus Kenya and Royce). Evelyn brings along her assistant Nia because of course, Nia is ready to confront Jen. Shaunie and Tami also want to confront Jen because they received papers from Jen that stated that if anything popped off while she was present that she was going to sue everybody. (Yes everybody, looks like Jen has had enough).

Everything is smooth sailing until all the girls meet up in the presidential suite to have lunch. The tension in the room is thick but Jennifer, Kesha and Suzie continue to eat their lunch and sip their tea as if nothing is wrong. Tami brings up Jennifer’s letter because nobody understands where the letter came from. Jennifer brushes it off. Shaunie then brings up the fact that Jen has been acting distant and Jen’s response is “I can see how you could say that”. Again, Jennifer tries to brush it off and attempts to mind her business. Nia then jumps into the conversation and just straight asks Jennifer “Then what’s your issue with me, because we used to be tight?”

Jennifer continues to mind her business but Nia won’t let up. “What, do you need to be smacked in your f—ing face to wake up?” Nia asks Jennifer. Jennifer dares Nia to smack her and well.. Nia does just that, smack her! SMH

“Someone needs to put a number on this b—h and let her go race around the track, because she’s acting like an animal,” Jennifer says after regaining her dignity from being smacked. And then, Evelyn leaps off the table and into the situation….


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