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Whitney Houston’s vocal coach and friend,Gary Catona, said her whole personality had changed upon the realization of just how damaged her voice was following years of drug and alcohol abuse.

Speaking to The Sunday Times newspaper, Gary said about Whitney’s reaction to the state of her voice as, ”She was horrified by it. When someone is a singer at that level, their voice is so much of who the person is. She identified with her voice. It was not possible for Whitney to be affected very deeply, psychologically and emotionally, by the fact she couldn’t sing.”

Gary met Whitney in 2005, at which point the legendary vocalist could barely speak. Gary says that he managed to get her voice to return by around 75 per cent, but she never fully recovered because she would often ”take off” and damage it again.

He added: ”As her voice started returning, lo and behold, her personality began changing, just as I predicted. She became more confident, she became who she really was – funny, charming, an intelligent person. Her self-esteem began rising.But what would happen was that I would work with her, and she’d get her voice back to some extent, and then she’d take off. She’d try to sing here, or she’d try to sing there. Rather than getting her voice back completely, which would have secured her legacy, she got caught up in her lifestyle again and she began practicing the habits which were not beneficial to her voice.”


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