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Yesterday my daughter lost another tooth.  (She officially sounds like Sylvester when she talks! It’s so funny!) She decides that NOW she believes in the Tooth Fairy.  For the past year, my child has told me that the Tooth Fairy is NOT real.  I accepted this.  One less myth to explain.  However, she put her tooth under the pillow anyway! So I had a choice….put a dollar under the pillow or have my child wake up disappointed.

Needless to say, I realized around 8pm that I didn’t have any cash! OMG!  Do you understand that I would have to go to the ATM, THEN go buy something just to have a dollar to put under her pillow!!!!  Well, that would have been too much! Instead I called a friend to come bring me a dollar.  You can only imagine how awkward it is to say “Come bring me a dollar!”  (I hear the Tooth Fairy doesn’t write checks! lol!) She brought it and sure enough when my baby girl woke up this morning she looked under her pillow and there it was!  What a smile on her face!!

Much love to all of the single moms and dads who are also Tooth Fairies.  One more tough job added to our plates but we wouldn’t change it for the world!  :)


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